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Adonika Jayne

Hanging Out

A series of plants in mini macrame plant-hangers suspended in subtle suprise locations around Dawson.

Hanging Out is a series of 40 mini macrame plant hangers, slyly suspended in various spots around central Dawson. They may be seen under park benches or picnic tables, hanging from street or interpretive signs, under boardwalk planks, or in trees along popular walking trails. Due to the pandemic, many of us have stuck closer to home than we might during normal circumstances. This project pays homage to our increased domestic time while also simply aiming to bring a smile to those who come across these little creations.

“Dawson City is where I call home. I’m inspired by its various extremes, the vast landscapes of the Yukon, the winter climate, and most of all, the community. Dawson is full of eccentrics, thinkers, movers, and makers and I feel at home amongst them. My work often speaks of the simple beauty which I’m surrounded by and of my reverence for all that is the natural world.”

Adonika Jayne