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Bennie Allain & Jared Klok

A House You Can Finally Afford

Interactive Installation at the Parks Canada Macaulay House

A House You Can Finally Afford is a sculptural collaboration by Bennie Allain and Jared Klok. The piece is something of a “tiny home” on wheels that playfully conforms to the historical architectural paradigms established in town while providing a critique on the housing situation facing Dawson City renters and would-be buyers. Viewers were able to interact with the object – according to safe distancing measures at the time of showing – through a series of wry signage, visual cues as well as objects, ephemera and assemblages inside the ‘home.’

About the Artists

Lesser known as the “Proper(ty) Guise”, these two artists live, work, and make art in Dawson City, Yukon.

Jared Klok

Bennie Allain