Bennie Allain & Jared Klok

A House You Can Finally Afford

Interactive Installation at the Parks Canada Macaulay House

A House You Can Finally Afford is a sculptural collaboration by Bennie Allain and Jared Klok. The piece is something of a “tiny home” on wheels that playfully conforms to the historical architectural paradigms established in town while providing a critique on the housing situation facing Dawson City renters and would-be buyers. Viewers were able to interact with the object – according to safe distancing measures at the time of showing – through a series of wry signage, visual cues as well as objects, ephemera and assemblages inside the ‘home.’

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About the Artists

Lesser known as the “Proper(ty) Guise”, these two artists live, work, and make art in Dawson City, Yukon.

Jared Klok

Bennie Allain