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Justine Hobbs

Tributary: A Course in Interruptions

Sound Installation at Riverside Park

“As a Yukon settler, I—like many other settlers—have often viewed my relocation to the North as a new beginning. What started as a journey to collect an archive of “how I got here” stories has turned into an exploration of transplantation and belonging. At the same time, this sound project seeks to complicate the form, accessibility, and method of archival collections by considering the history of place as nonlinear and fluid.”

Viewers were invited to spend time under a tent at Riverside Park where a speaker played the audio segment on a loop throughout the weekend.

Justine Andrea Hobbs is a community-based cultural producer, with a particular interest in critical heritage via storytelling and performance. In recent years, her work has shifted to focus on site-specific oral histories that challenge tourism, the mythologies of place, and anthropocentric narratives. Justine holds an MA in English and Performance from the University of Guelph, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University.

Justine Hobbs