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Kimberly Edgar

The Fruits of Strange Soil

A series of watercolour illustrations, displayed at the Parks Canada Red Feather Saloon

The Fruits of Strange Soil, funded by On Yukon Time, is a response to watching the COVID-19 pandemic evolve from relative safety here in the Yukon. Presented at the Red Feather Saloon, it was a work in progress, a loose experiment that exists somewhere between making one-off drawings and comics or other sequential narratives. The prints were sequentially displayed in the windows of the Parks Canada Red Feather Saloon, allowing the viewer to take in each print one at a time as they travel the length of the building.

Kimberly is an interdisciplinary artist, cartoonist, and queer white settler who lives on Tr’ondek Hwech’in territory (Dawson City, Yukon). In 2018, Kim was awarded a Cue grant to create their first comic Bacchanalia (2018), which kickstarted their comic book career. Bacchanalia was nominated for Best Comic in the Broken Pencil Zine Awards, and the following year, Kim’s comic The Purpose (2019) won that same award. They have work in 2 permanent art collections, much of their work investigates disability and illness, and they are currently starting to write a graphic novel.

Kimberly Edgar