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Small Victories Local Field School

The Small Victories Local Field School is a project by Dawson artists Aubyn O’GradyAmy Ball, and Ange Bonnici.

Dawson City has a history of using art to bridge physical distance: Martin Kippenberger created a portal between Dawson City and Berlin with a fantasy subway system. The Over the Wire Series at the Yukon School of Visual arts connected students to international artists by way of written artist instructions. The Small Victories Local Field School is intended to use art to bridge a much shorter distance- the distance between our community members while we socially distance. 

About the Project

The Small Victories Local Field School was an experimental project developed to encourage the sourcing/ foraging/testing and sharing of art materials in Dawson City. Starting on the first Sunday of July 2020, a set of instructions created with the help of local artists was delivered to participants. There were four sets of instructions in total and they were delivered every two to three weeks over the summer. The instructions were open to a wide variety of artistic interpretations and skill levels, and were intended to be used as creative prompts.

Contributing artists were Claire Falkenberg, Joanne Vriend, Jackie Olson, Emily Chudnovsky, Justin Apperley, Jenna Roebuck, and Veronica Verkley.

This project was conceptualized as a way to create community during the COVID-19 pandemic and is generously supported in part by the On Yukon Time fund.