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Kim Edgar

Illuminating the House of Death

This piece was started during a residency but unable to be completed because the artist slipped a disc and couldn’t work fast enough through the pain. It meditates on the disabled experience as being one that straddles the threshold of life and death, like a canary in a coalmine or a flashlight illuminating a cave. The experience of being in between states of life and death, one that many chronically ill people can relate to, can be a deep source of gnosis that often goes unrecognized by the able-bodied and the healthy. This piece is part of a series in which the artist tries to describe and contemplate these sacred experiences.

About the Artist

Kimberly Edgar is an interdisciplinary artist living on Tr’ondek Hwech’in land in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. A recipient of grants from CUE, Canada Council, Culture Quest, and the Advanced Artist Award, Kim also has pieces in the Yukon Permanent Art Collection and the Ottawa Direct Purchase Program. Kim does a lot of things including running a small comics press, music, video work, large-scale drawing and painting, and graphic novels.