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Page Cowell

“Stop Moments”

Paige created a series of stop-motion videos varying from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. The videos were animated using a combination of paper print-out collage, and 3 dimensional materials. The videos will consist of memories (both personal and shared from others), surrounding specific sites around Dawson City. The videos were made accessible through QR codes placed at each location where the memory was originated. Viewers could use their cell phones to scan the codes and view the videos at the sites they are based in or watch them later at home.
This series of silly and eccentric stop-motion videos, titled “Stop Moments”, is meant to do just that. STOP and acknowledge the MOMENT. 

List of Films:

About the Artist

Page is a multimedia artist who has the privilege to be creating on the traditional territory of the Trondek Hwechin in Dawson City where 75% of what she makes is crap. The other 25% serves as a reminder of why she bothers in the first place.