Community Sauna

STEAM BOAT is an interactive public art sculpture in the form of a community sauna, which was stationed at Knutson Lake (a.k.a. “The Swimming Hole” in Dawson) during YRAF weekend. With COVID precautions in mind, they offered an online hourly rental system for the community to enjoy sauna sessions and a dip in the fresh water. Dawsonites and visitors were able to partake in this beautiful and luxurious experience, which was particularly pleasant in the rainy evening.

About the Artist

STEAMBOAT started initially as a Local Field School project and the work in progress was exhibited during YRAF 2021. Local Field School is an experimental, collaborative project developed to encourage the sourcing/ foraging/ testing and sharing of art materials and ideas in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.  Local Field School was conceptualized in 2020 as a way to create community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, STEAMBOAT has become its own independent project and is spearheaded by multi-disciplinary artist Jared Klok.