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Cult of Venus


HypnoLounge3000, audio based mind-control experiment by hedonistic technocrats Meelon Husk (Maria Sol Suarez) and Gromes (Charles Hegsted).

Envisioning a dystopian future without physical closeness, HypnoLounge 3000 (TM) is the brainchild of hedonistic technocrats Meelon Husk (Maria Sol Suarez) and Gromes (Charles Hegsted), who mix mind control techniques with sophisticated synth vibrations to create hypnosis-inducing guided meditations.

Masquerading as a hypnotherapy service through their shady corporation, Jarvistan Labs, they aim to harness the sexual and emotional energy of lonely and isolated people, to use it as a power source for their nefarious world (and eventually, Universe) domination plans.

Following the Orwellian “War of the Worlds” model, they interrupted regular CFYT radio programming with a surprise broadcast of the latest instalment of their HypnoLounge 3000’s MindBoner series.

As well, there was a physical installation of a HypnoLounge3000 meditation lounge at the Palace Grand Theatre’s 3rd floor, that festival goers were able to visit and partake in the immersive relaxification experience.

About the Artists

Charles Hegsted is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in the Yukon Territory.  He experiments with many different audio and visual media as well as performance art and theatre to create unique experiences for the world to enjoy. Inspired by the extraordinary perspective of being a northerner in the age of digital interconnectedness, his work draws on themes of esotericism, philosophy and chaos.

Maria Sol Suarez is a slippery, wishy washy Pisces with very little interest in harsh cold reality, who swam all the way to Dawson City from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Selkie form. She creates and inhabits rich fantasy worlds to escape heartbreak, and is currently learning to use her ASMR worthy voice to enslave others, like a sci-fi cyber mermaid

Cult of Venus is an actual cult that operates entirely with the purpose of manifesting the hedonistic fever dreams of its Most Gracious Leader.

Listen to an interview with Meelon Husk and Gromes here

Cult of Venus