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Daniel Little


A science fiction short film series that investigates the themes of psychosis, isolation, and identity, through the lens of nonperishable food.

“SPAM” is a Sci-Fi short series that delves into the relationship between psychosis, reality, and food that supposedly doesn’t go bad. The short films were shot by Daniel and a small crew, on no budget, in Whitehorse. He was able to make the films with the experience he gained working on several professional music videos, a feature film, and as a camera operator on Discovery’s Gold Rush.

About the Artist

“My name is Daniel Little and I am a Whitehorse based film maker, who has been working in the industry for the last two years. Born and raised in Southern Ontario, I moved to the Yukon in 2016 after completing University, and became a professional film maker after being inspired by the rugged beauty of the North.

I am a writer and director; however, I also have worked as a Sound Recordist on a feature film shot in Whitehorse, and as a camera operator on Discovery’s Gold Rush.”

Daniel Little