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Dawson City Media Cooperative


Dawson City Media Cooperative representing individual video producers/artists

DAWSON ON DCTV is a special broadcast of works by local video producers and artists on community cable television. Dawson City Media Cooperative curated and arranged the presentation of local film programming for broadcast on the Dawson City cable network during the 2021 YRAF weekend. Following up from the successful pilot project last summer, they put out a call for both new and old works by local video producers and film makers of all ages. As well, they had a physical installation on the window of Madame Tremblay’s boutique that showed the videos on a loop throughout the weekend. 

Film list

Sock Hop
Suzanne Crocker

Danny Dowhal

Last Dance
Krista Davis

Balcony mix
Meg Walker

Her Man Plan
Lulu Keating

The Slide
Dan Sokolowski

George Black Ferry
Karen MacKay

Exercises in Being Close to You: A Story for the Arctic Refuge
Krista Davis

Pandemic Delusions & Meaningful Messages
William Hunter Kendrick

The Klondike Viking
Lulu Keating

About the Artist

Dawson City Media Cooperative is a group of content producers and practitioners working together to foster video and film production as well as contribute to community television in the Klondike. The DCMC is a registered Yukon cooperative association.

Dawson City Media Cooperative