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Elizabeth Archbold

Sea of Bones

An installation inspiring awe, wonder, and fear in viewers through large scale and movement.

The piece features a fantasy setting depicting a sea serpent attacking silhouetted persons. The serpent is on a flat “canvas” (materials are paper and oil pastel). The silhouettes are made from cardboard and paper, and stand away from the back canvas, creating a 3-D piece.

About the Artist

When Elizabeth (EMA) isn’t drawing and creating art, she is filling up every minute of her schedule with hockey, cycling, work, and other adventures (there are way too many exciting things to do in life!). This year she has focused on creating larger-scale works that are awe-inspiring to capture the attention of viewers. After continuing her studies following the 2020-21 SOVA foundation year, EMA hopes to work in the television/movie industry as a scenic artist on sets.