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Meg Walker

Comfort Zone

Installation and soundscape

Comfort Zone” reflects on how most of us travel to wilderness locations in the Yukon, such as the Arctic Circle, within the safe, comfortable capsule of a vehicle. We often spend at least as much time (or more) viewing the landscape through the lens of a car window as we do being out in it. Meg Walker made a sculpture with a salvaged car door to highlight the machine’s part of the journey. The soundscape is made from recordings gathered directly at the Arctic Circle over several trips.

Video by David Curtis

About the Artist

Meg Walker works in a range of media, imagining ideas and then choosing the best medium to express it. Currently working full-time in a not-arts job, she makes space for artistic work whenever possible. A two-time recipient of a Yukon Advanced Artist Award (2011, 2016), she also proactively holds space for others’ creativity through curatorial projects. Meg’s most recent public work was “Comfort zone,” as the Artist in the Window for Arts in the Park, July 2021.

Meg Walker