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Riverwest Collective

Pop up Gallery and Coffee House evening

Artwork by Grace Hirsch and Mike MacKenzie, Music by Megan Abel and guests

Riverwest Bistro owners and staff presented their artwork at a pop up gallery housed in their Front Street coffee shop. As well, they hosted a Coffee House event on Sunday August 15th, featuring performances from staff and other local musicians.

“Nice to meet you” by Grace Hirsch

SOVA alumni Grace Hirsch presented a series of portrait collages inspired by the people she met during her time in Dawson City. She created the collages based on the conversations had with the subjects, and while listening to playlists curated by each person. Each piece was exhibited at one of the booths at Riverwest Bistro, where the public could read each of the stories that paired up with the collages. Her aim was to create a piece of art that captured the impression each person made in her, while also displaying it in an environment where the public could interact with the pieces while going about their day, getting coffee or having lunch. This work was made over the month of July 2021, highlighting her time spent talking and interviewing friends, artists and strangers in Dawson City, as part of the “Make Something” residency.

About the Artist

“My name is Grace Hirsch, and I’m an art student currently residing in Dawson City, YT for the Summer slinging espresso on front street! My work explores the endless relationships and love we encounter during our lifetimes on Earth. From such a youthful age I always found myself romanticizing life in every possible way. I wish to capture personal interactions I believe to have had with true love, as well as document/express the moments others share during their time in love.”

Grace Ellen Hirsch

“His and Hers” by Mike McKenzie

Riverwest Bistro owner Mike MacKenzie created a pair of sculptures using materials like reclaimed wood, birch bark, foraged elements, resin, paint and more. These striking pieces evoke sensitivity and softness, as well as the vulnerability of being exposed and opening one’s heart.

Music by Megan Abel

A recent graduate of the Contemporary Music and Technology program at Selkirk College, Megan Abel is a self- producing songwriter currently seeing through the completion of her first EP. Megan and Mike hosted a Coffee House event on Sunday, August 15th, which drew visitors in to enjoy music by the boardwalk. As well, Megan performed at the YRAF Live Music Stage at the Gazebo on Front Street, on Saturday August 14th.

About the Artists

Mike Mackenzie and Megan Abel are both guitarists and lyricists. Megan is also an experienced singer and performer. Together, they write and play music daily. Mike is an artist of many mediums. Alongside his musical creations, he makes sculptures themed around skeletons, roots and nature.

Megan Abel & Mike MacKenzie