Robin Sharp

Dreams of a Summers Night


Robin hosted a podcast where he interviewed a collection of Dawsonites about how the pandemic changed their lives and and travel plans this past year. The podcast premiered on the local radio station CFYT and was available on the weekend of Arts Fest online. The interviews were accompanied with music befitting the conversations he had with Dawson locals and he added narratives about his own experiences with the pandemic. This now acts as a time capsule from this unique era in Dawson’s history.

About the Artist

Robin Sharp has been a full time Dawson resident since 2017. In his time here he has contributed to the arts in Dawson by writing and directing an original play called Bad Girl for the 2019 (s)hiver festival, by appearing in two productions with Boardwalk Burlesque as their first male identified dancer and by working for the non-profit Friends of the Palace Grand for the last three summer seasons in various roles like actor, playwright and producer. Robin also was the managing editor of the local paper Klondike Sun this past winter.

Robin Sharp