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Driftwood Holly

Drifting Live Music Stage

A roaming live music stage on a flatbed trailer created by Driftwood Holly which toured the town at surprise intervals during the festival weekend.

The Drifting Stage was even in the Discovery Day parade! Performers included Driftwood Holly himself, Ryan McNally, Claire Ness, Dan Stark, The Hammerstones, and more. In order to mitigate crowds and ‘gatherings’, all live music performances were at surprise locations such as Riverside Park, Gerties, Peggy’s, KIAC, and more. There were plenty of roadside stops at local restaurant and bar patios too!

“Dawson City is where I call home. I’m inspired by its various extremes, the vast landscapes of the Yukon, the winter climate, and most of all, the community. Dawson is full of eccentrics, thinkers, movers, and makers and I feel at home amongst them. My work often speaks of the simple beauty which I’m surrounded by and of my reverence for all that is the natural world.”

Driftwood Holly