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Becky Johnson

You and me and a bunch of made up stuff”

An improvised narrative show made in collaboration with the entire audience 

Why not make the entire audience the cast? Through a series of collaborative tricks, Becky improvised an hour-long narrative show in collaboration with the entire audience. As well, Becky was the opening act for Ivan Coyote’s “Care of” book launch and event, hosted by the The Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Festival at The Palace Grand Theatre on Saturday, August 14th, in conjunction with the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival.

About the Artist

Becky Johnson is a veteran of the Canadian comedy scene with specific focus on social satire and experimental comedy. She is an alumna of the Toronto Second City Mainstage, has created and toured her own scripted and improvised shows internationally and has appeared in iconic Canadian plays at home and abroad. She has won two Canadian Screen Awards for writing with Baroness von Sketch Show and has been nominated for multiple Canadian Comedy Awards for her work in improvised theatre

Becky Johnson