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Sadie Segriff

Frame of Reference

Performance Art on the Midnight Dome

Sadie’s solo piece, Frame of Reference, explores her connection to people around her and her natural environment. Sadie has been exploring how people see her, strangers or close family. Through this work she wanted to explore connection to the land while respecting the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation, the original people who live and occupy this Traditional Territory. Personally, Sadie explored reflection, silence, confusion, and where her voice fits into the issues of injustice in our world today. Sadie’s hope was that the audience was able to identify with her piece and reflect about themselves internally as well as the people and land around them. The piece was performed at 8 PM in the setting sun on top of the Midnight Dome: audience members were invited to participate via written phrases which were incorporated into the performance.

Sadie is an entrepreneur, dancer, emerging choreographer, actress, singer and artists from Whitehorse, Yukon. Sadie is a Caucasian cis woman, an environmentalist, an active ally for BIPOC/POC and identifies with the 2SLGTBQIA+ community. She is currently going into fourth-year at Ryerson University’s School of Performance Dance Program. In 2014 Sadie joined Extremely Moving Youth Society (EMYS) and Borealis Soul Training Company (BOSO) at Leaping Feats Creative Dance Works until she graduated in 2017. Sadie made her professional debut in Enchoreo, March 2019. Sadie co-founded Off Course Footing in April 2019. Off Course Footing is a collective creating sight specific work for the Toronto Community. In the fall of 2019 Sadie performed at Ryerson Dances where she danced in Alysa Piers new work not with a bang, but a whimper. This work was also performed at Dance Ontario in January 2020. In March Sadie choreographed and performed at Choreographic Works. Her works included A Sense of Me and Keep at Arms Length