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Esther Bordet

Comic Jam

Comic Jam – a super fun way to create short comics as a group

Esther held a comic jam, an event where people gather to create a series of comics together, usually leading to some strange, hilarious, and incredibly original stories. It is similar to the “cadavre exquis” exercise, except that everyone can see what others have drawn. 

At the end of the comic jam, there were as many new comic pages created as participants in the group. Everyone went home with one completed comic page (usually the one they started).

About the Artist

Esther Bordet is a mixed media artist based in Whitehorse, originally from France. Since 2017, Esther has been studying drawing and storytelling techniques specific to comics, further developing a narrative process fundamental to her artwork. She is currently working on her first long-form graphic novel, and contributed to the Northern Gaze, a comics anthology edited by Kim Edgars/Hecate Press. Her artwork “The Explorer” is currently featured on Yukon Tourism Banners. 

Esther Bordet