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Natasha Henderson

“From Sunrise To Sunset”

It is important for me to work in layers of paint, translucent through opaque. Layers of paint suggest the passing of time, a timelessness
found when one really observes where they are. The specificity of place, as expressed in painting, might remind the viewer of other times or places. The SS Keno travelled through different places in the Territory, and here in this exhibit we see paintings and points of view that are like echoes of the things the boat (and its travellers) might have seen. There is a connection between the art, the artist, and viewers of the art, made more meaningful by the unique installation space.

About the Artist

Natasha Henderson is a visual artist who resides in Dawson City, Yukon. Originally from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in BC, she received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Emily Carr University in the late 1990s. After painting and exhibiting throughout BC for about ten years, she then moved across Canada to reside over a dozen years in Montreal. Moving to Dawson City in the summer of 2020, she currently takes a great deal of joy in both wandering through, and representing, the Yukon landscape in her work