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Parks Canada KNHS: Miriam Behman & Justin Apperley

Silver Linings

Tintype Photography Exhibition at the Palace Grand Theatre

Silver Linings, a Parks Canada exhibition, showcased a series of thirty-six 4×5 tintype photographs of present day Dawson City. These small, one of a kind photos served as an exploration of historic processes and photography in the Klondike. Peering at the reflective surfaces brings the viewer back to a time where taking a photo was much more than just pressing a button; being a photographer meant carrying all of your supplies many kilometers over the Chilkoot trail, and sitting for a photograph meant staying still for minutes on end.

About the Artists

Miriam Behman and Justin Apperley are both interdisciplinary artists living in Dawson City, Yukon. They both explore alternative photographic techniques in their individual art practices and are interested in further explorations of historic processes. Outside of their personal work, Behman and Apperley work as heritage interpreters with Parks Canada at the Klondike National Historic Sites. Their work with Parks Canada and the interpretive team consists of bringing history alive and instilling a curiosity for the stories of the Klondike in present and future generations. Through their role as interpreters, Behman and Apperley strive to share the tremendous impact photography has had on the history and collective imagination of the north.

Miriam Behman

Justin Apperley