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Maegan Garrett

When Life Gives you Lemons… Make Art

A collaborative mixed media piece exhibited at the KIAC Ballroom during the festival weekend

Since March, we have been facing the unknown together. With the arrival of COVID-19, we have collectively experienced uncertainty and upheaval on an unprecedented global scale. Grief, hopelessness, frustration, anxiety, and fear cast shadows across the faces around us. Life has given us a bunch of lemons, so we tried to raise spirits by making some beautiful art.  This installation was created using all kinds of materials, by people of varying ages, and backgrounds.  From 70 year olds, to toddlers, people submitted their interpretation of the big coronavirus lemon. Through art, we have tried to change bitterness and insecurity into sweet hope. This piece is testament to our ability to come together during chaos, to ignite courage and optimism in times of darkness.

Contributing Artists

Blue Mikelli-Jones, Jordi Mikelli-Jones, Odessa Walters, Isaiah Walters, Laura Charlton, Jonny Charlton, Thomas Charlton, Stephanie Young, Briar Young, Lauren Carnahan, Elise Nadeau, Emmikko Teramura, Jack Johanson, Jaylie Johanson, Jarrett Johanson, Kylie Bennett, Olive Morland, Judith Garrett, Shae Charlie, Nia Teramura, Loiic Perard, Ronan Teramura.

Have you ever been told not to do something? Maegan was told not to become an artist. This turned out to be bad advice because she’s been making and selling art ever since. Working mostly in oils and acrylics, she paints on canvas, antlers, saw blades – pretty much anything that can take paint. Recently Maegan was diagnosed with a form of incurable, degenerative blindness, which has changed the style of her paintings significantly. As her ability to process images and colour changes, Maegan rejoices in the details of her visual world. Her art is inspired by the gift of sight, and the ability to witness light as it turns the skies, city streets, and the smallest of objects into repositories of beauty, magic, and transcendence. Maegan is currently studying art therapy, and is interested in using the power of visual expression to heal. Her art can be found in various private and public collections.