Youth Art Enlightenment

Young Artist Enlightenment is a collective of youth in Dawson City, Yukon who aim to grow to become well-known artists.

Mark Farr

“Hey, I am Mark and I am a hippie and a cat person! I was born in Whitehorse and have lived in Dawson City for most of my life. I am a Farr and a Moses and have a big family. 

My art display for Riverside Arts Festival is brought to you by my “Safe Colorful Room” … AKA Arts Studio/Safe Zone. This display is colorful, draws your attention and includes neon, LED and black lights. I also have a collection of my travels and special items. 

My inspiration for this display was to fill up the room so everywhere you look there is something interesting to look at.” 


Azxae is an up and coming local artist who is currently working on her personal art style developing a digital comic with Procreate. She is studying animation techniques to push her story and characters past papers. The story’s main theme is the importance of Inclusivity. 

The work you are viewing today is the progression of Azxae’s most recent creations.

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Jay Popadynec

Jay is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist that works with morbid themes and is well known for their work with makeup for Boardwalk Burlesque. They are working on an exhibition of painting and multimedium art focused on beliefs, theories and practices surrounding death. Jay is working towards attending film school post-secondary and has received an Indigenous Youth art grant from YVRAF and attended workshops with Nakai Theatre.

Jay’s makeup exhibition titled “Beauty and Butchery” is part of Yukon Riverside Arts Festival and took place on Friday August 13th at the boardwalk of “The Rock” in Dawson City.
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