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Tedd Tucker


A wooden sculpture displayed at the Parks Canada Macaulay Artist-in-Residence House

Through encounters, experience and stories we have a complicated emotional relationship with bears. Bruin is an opportunity for people to project their own opinions on the simple, modern structure. In 2019, Tedd published a children’s alphabet book which featured the letter G as a grizzly. As part of that project he made small, handheld cardboard bears for the children to decorate and take home. This project is an exaggerated version of that idea, a minimalist, modern art piece that uses just 3 interlocked pieces – it is made of plywood and detailed with fire.

Tedd Tucker is an illustrator, designer, advertiser living in Whitehorse, Yukon. He work for a marketing agency and spends his free time illustrating weird ideas in his sketchbook. He loves taking doodles and daydreams and transforming them into something tangible like a screen-printed shirt or some anthropomorphic animals art.

Tedd like big ideas and bold colours. He love simple shapes and rough lines. He enjoys working in different mediums, but everything he does starts with a sketch and usually involves some some kind of collaboration with a computer. His weapons of choice are buttery 4B pencils, blue non-photo pencils and a .special 9mm mechanical pencil (named Bruce) loaded with 2B lead.

He recently completed illustration courses at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. He can be found working on freelance advertising projects and a series of nature-themed activities games for kids.

Tedd Tucker