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D.E.A.T.H. Sheppard

“Welcome to H.E.L.L.L. (Helping Eachother Live Laugh Love)”

Local mega corporation D.E.A.T.H. Shepherd Inc. hosted a special event on the Saturday of Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, consisting of an evening of expert panelists presenting on a variety of topics pertaining to H.E.L.L.L.

In a truly innovative corporate conference format, the expert panelists delivered a talk based on a slideshow that they did not prepare. The expert panelists used their expertise and improvisation skills to deliver a lecture in an improvisational and comedic format, a la “Slideshow Karaoke”.

The results were an immersive corporate wellness retreat experience, with moments of brilliance, inspiration and…confusion. Topics ranged from sensual mind control and leprechauns to bears and witches.

About the Artists

D estroy
E arth
T hen
H ello!