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The Gallery Hop is a fun, self-directed community-wide evening art walk that kicks off the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival every year. It is a unique opportunity for visual artists to collaborate with local businesses creating one-night-only “pop-up galleries” to display and/or sell artwork to a steady stream of visitors and customers throughout the evening. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this quintessential Arts Fest event was on hiatus for two years, which made its comeback a truly special occasion.

Despite the torrential downpour, crowds hopped through all the spots in the map and engaged with the many exciting exhibits and met the artists behind them.

We were thrilled to be able to bring back this beloved event to our community, and we are immensely thankful to all the hosting venues and participating artists that made it all happen. What a night to remember!

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Participating Artists and Venues

At Sweet Sweet Yukon
(CIBC building, downstairs, back entrance)

Natasha Henderson
Under The Yukon Sky”
Oil paintings
A series of paintings focussing on the somewhat magical sky of the Yukon, and the equally magical things that happen under that sky. Natasha is a painter, originally from the West Coast of BC, who has also lived and painted in Montreal, and now in Dawson City.

At Fortymile Gold

Leslie Chapman
“Fortymile Gold open studio”
20k gold jewelry

All are welcome to visit Leslie’s studio gallery to see her new work, as well as original art by many other Yukon artists. Leslie is a self-taught goldsmith working with natural 20k gold and gems.

At the Dawson City Museum

Attallah Steele
“In ToTo (Inclusive)
Acrylic Paintings

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves and there is no certainty, there is only adventure. Tallia is a young artist from Jamaica. She started off with Mandala Paintings and now she is exploring Landscape and Nature.

At Joey’s Camper – parked between Red Mammoth Bistro and True North (2nd Ave)

Joey O’Neil
Ever Ahead: Cartomancy Camper

Watercolour illustrations

Road trip themes from Joey O’Neil’s musical album, Ever Ahead, are illustrated in watercolour and wallpapered in her mobile home.  This makeshift gallery displays the progress of 78 tarot card images.  What better than a divinatory tool to look ever ahead? Joey makes folk music about trucks and dogs.  She is inspired by her canine copilot and their countless cross-country adventures together.

At Dawson City Museum
(front lawn)

Remi Dean
“Recent works”
Wood craft/weaving

Remi is exhibiting a pair of freshly built basket style dog sleds made out of green White Birch.
Remi Dean is inspired by running dogs and loves working with his hands using natural materials.

At Dawson City Cannabis
(CIBC building, upstairs)

Young Jim
“Really nice Colorful Drawings”

Young Jim been up to all sorts of pleasant things lately. Come see for yourself his really nice colorful drawings and find out.

At Fortymile Gold and Dancing Moose

Riley Brennan
“Through a Yukon Window”
Fused Glass
A little selection of mini glass windows and light-sticks, that I made during this past very, very, long winter. Dawson City, so many years now. An intense little town where folks better find something riveting to do all winter. I found glass and paint, thankfully.

At Bombay Peggy’s

Philomène CL

Hand-built vases with inlay coloured porcelain & natural brown speckled clay. Come check out  some fun vases for those spring blooms. “I have been making pottery in my off-grid studio on the west side. I am inspired and aim to highlight the beauty of natural materials.”

At Dawson City Museum
(Gift Shop)

Shizuka Yoshimura
“My Little Planet”
Ink Drawings, Screen Prints, Photography, Jewelry

This exhibition will showcase ink drawings inspired by the Spring air of Dawson, zines, jewelry, photographs and screen-prints. Come and visit this small chaotic universe! Shizuka is a visual artist, born and raised in Japan. Her work encapsulates unique moments that she encounters in her daily life, especially in nature.

At the Dawson Daily News

Riverside Review  
Publication launch and open house at the Dawson Daily News More to come!

At Dënäkär Zho – KIAC Ballroom

Alex Murphy
Anthology of Weeds Wildflowers
Artist Talk and Exhibition reception

At the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin Youth Center

Artwork by Local Youth

At Dawson City Museum (auditorium)

Various Artists
“Stranger Things (done under the Midnight Sun)”
Experimental Short Films
Beautiful, weird and mesmerizing short films by Yukon filmmakers Kim Edgar, Sol Suarez, Jonny Klynkramer, Nicole Lynn Rayburn Aleks Bartosik and Jimmy Boddie, played on a loop at the Museum’s mini cinema.

Old Youth Center on Front Street

Aleks Bartosik and Jimmy Boddie
“Northern Lights (2022)”
Mixed media installation
Art installation by Aleks Bartosik with sound performances with Jimmy Boddie. The artists hope the installation shows its interaction with the natural elements that surround it, such as sunlight, wind, or rain. as they amplify that play with its surfaces, reflections, and glares through sound and projections. inviting the viewer to play along with its colours.

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