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Agnès Viger

Flora Variation

Yukon flora through different medias

Agnès created a series of cyanotypes, collages, drawings and short poetry of 5 to 6 Yukon plants.
For each plant there were cyanotypes, one collage of dried flora with light drawing and a short poem.
Wild flowers are ephemeral and make summers vibrant and colourful. Agnès kept indelible traces of some of her favorite flowers in Dawson by doing cyanotype and collage on wood. She found a book on the 9th Avenue trail (a crime novel), and recreated a short poem with words and partial sentences from that book.

Flowers featured include Fireweed, Northern Monkshood, Poppies, Arnica, Bromus and Prickly Rose leaves.

Artist Statement

“Creation has no limit. I like to explore new way of sharing experiences, expressions and feelings, especially through short film, comics drawing and photography.”

Agnès Viger