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Blue Creamsicles

Foraging for Love

Footage and soundscapes around the cycles of life and death in the Yukon

The Blue Creamsicles compiled both found & original footage & ambient soundscapes to create a film about the cycles of life & death as they are represented in the Yukon. They created a film and sound project that incorporated poetry elements about the cycles of life and death as they can be seen/witnessed in the landscapes of the Yukon, specifically Dawson City.

About the Artist

The Blue Creamsicles artist group is an artist coalition founded in Dawson City, Yukon, including members Keenan Davis and Larque Law. With one half hailing from Penetanguishene, Ontario, and the other being Dawson born, the two met at Yukon SOVA, and have now begun collaborating and sharing their art mediums to create mixed media art that is both profound and, more frequently, just for the fun of it.