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Faye Chamberlain

The Land is Medicine

An installation/exhibit about heading out on the land for healing, survival and inspiration in these pandemic times

Faye created pandemic inspired masks made from organic materials inside a wall tent with stove (not lit), spruce boughs and taped nature sounds for ambience. Each mask is a titled work, with a description and samples of materials used. Upon entering the tent, there were 2 tanned deer hides stretched on frames: Displayed on the hides, there was a collage of photos of the natural world & outdoor activities. One hide with summer scenes and the other, winter ones. For this exhibit, Faye wanted to evoke a feeling of communal effort in these times and remind the viewer that given a chance the natural world will always provide.

About the Artist

“For as long as people have lived in the Yukon, they have interpreted their surrounding world through storytelling and visual art forms. Today, it is to this natural world that I turn for my designs and inspiration with fur, quills, and antler as some of my muses. Blending traditional motifs and techniques with novel forms challenges and inspires me and hopefully the viewer as well. My artistic journey is an ongoing self-discovery process and a reflection of my heritage, my lifestyle and contemporary experiences.”