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Erica Barta & Jen Bieber

With & Without

A short film, screened at the KIAC Ballroom throughout the festival weekend

With & Without asks the question, what is longing? In a time marked by necessitated distance, how do we sit with the space left by all of the people, places, and things we are without? This collaborative, participatory video collage is a compilation of video, audio, and written responses to a short series of interview questions that were distributed to folks in the Dawson community as well as across the country. The interview questions focused on the idea of longing, asking participants to describe what it means to long for something, to share memories of longing, to explain how longing is managed, and to decide whether longing is a beautiful or ugly experience.

About the Artists

Erica Barta

Erica Barta is a visual artist whose focus is on jewelry and metalsmithing, drawing and sculpture. her work seeks to explore memory and connection, and to invoke a sense of lost and found between humans and objects. as a Dawson resident, she has been involved in local performances and films, and endeavours to further explore film and media.

Jen Bieber

Jen Bieber is a poet whose work was recently featured in Geist magazine. Jen is also a performance artist who forms one half of Glitter & Guts, a duo who use experimental puppetry to tell stories. She also performed as Rot for 4 years of the magic that was the Dawson City League of Lady Wrestlers.