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Why Dawson?

Why Dawson? Final Episode

WHY Dawson? A podcast hosted by Saba Blyden-Taylor and Page Cowell

The WHY Dawson? podcast contains interviews with Dawson residents and visitors about why they choose to be in Dawson. Saba and Page wanted to hear more answers to the question that their podcast revolves around: Why Dawson? They set up an outdoor booth where they sat socially distanced around a mic and had conversations with passersby about their experience with Dawson. They also provided baked goods as reparations for the participants’ time! As they will not be in Dawson forever that means their podcast will come to an end or a pause. They compiled all of the conversations into a highly dramatic last episode. The episode will be streamed on Spotify and aired on CFYTfm.

About the Artists

WHY DAWSON? A podcast/radio show where we interview Dawson artist types on why they have chosen to create here in Dawson City, Yukon. Hosted by Saba Blyden-Taylor and Page Cowell, who attended SOVA together this past year.

Why Dawson?